Turn your big plans into big wins

You’ve got a club to run, a board to manage and a strategic plan tucked away in a drawer. With 15+ years of club consulting experience and connections, we’ll help you develop a strategic plan that’s right for your club and then keep you on track every step of the way.

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Club strategy is more than a word document

We both know that every club CEO needs independent expertise and a set of fresh eyes to help put the big, legacy-building pieces in play.

Usually, that help looks a lot like:

  • Spending hours on another SWOT analysis
  • Leaving a workshop with a few key takeouts
  • A consultant hands over the Strategic Plan
  • The board approves it with no or little feedback
  • It goes in the drawer.

Then you get a large bill and a promise of a follow up in 6 or 12 months.

More often than not, these strategic plans are cookie cutter versions of plans designed for larger clubs or even commercial companies.

So, for community organisations, the messaging and philosophies don’t quite hit the mark. Or you find they’re slightly out of sync with your business capabilities. So you either keep putting off the harder pieces, or you have to go back for more help.

The thing is…

You don’t need another copy-paste consultant

You need an external partner who feels like part of your club’s team. Someone who’s there every month to answer questions, help guide your board and work with your business.


LG Advisory’s StrategIC planning Packages

A strategic consulting service to help CEOs make strategic planning simple, convenient, emjoyable and effective.

This is strategic planning like you’ve never seen it. When you work with us, you get an independent strategic partner that feels like part of the team.

Together, we’ll identify the right strategic goals for the capabilities of your club. Then you’ll get ongoing support to action those items and get enthusiastic buy-in from your board.

If you’re starting to think that we’re not one of the usual suspects…you’d be dead right.

Managing your board

Get better buy-in from your board

Navigating board conversations requires strong relationships with each member. That’s why one of the first things we do is spend a few hours getting to know each board director, one to one.

So we know what motivates them, what makes them nervous in their role as director and exactly how to make the case to get better buy-in. You won’t be put on the spot to justify a decision they never would have gone for.

And you’ll have the alignment you need to move towards your goals faster.

Regular touchpoints

Scheduled check-ins to keep you on track

Long-term plans easily get lost, forgotten or repeatedly pushed to the side when you’re busy running a club. You need someone to hold you to account and work with you to keep the club moving forward.

We’ll help you action your goals (and keep the board in alignment) with;

  • CEO development meetings – one-to-one strategy sessions to help you stay focused
  • Monthly board updates – with a desired outcome that’s determined by you
  • Strategy workshops – to get board by in and alignment on a specific topic
  • Board presentations – detailed presentations that are best used for high impact projects
  • Project implementation – hands-on implementation of key projects and strategies

You’ll have access to our 20+ years of strategy and club experience. So you can get answers to your questions and the support you need to reach your goals faster.

 Tailored club strategy

A proven process designed just for clubs

As community-based organisations, clubs have a unique set of needs that can help or hinder progress. We’ve designed the customisable LG Advisory process to work with these club-specific needs to facilitate movement and progress.

When you work with me, you get;

  • A proven and personalised process developed over 15 years in the club consulting industry
  • A customised strategy that fits the unique requirements of your club
  • Clear reporting so your board can quickly and easily understand what needs to be done
  • Strategy Books for all key club personnel to keep hard copies of your club’s key strategy documents
  • An online client portal that centralizes all of your club’s key strategy documents and project management tools in one place
  • Full access to our extensive library of strategy resources.

Unlike a traditional consultancy, we don’t charge a premium for copy and paste work and you’ll have guaranteed access to all our resources and IP.

Don’t waste any more time or money on a
strategic plan that isn’t the right fit for your club

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