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Long Term Gaming Revenue Trends by State

In the infographic below I have compared total gaming machine revenue in NSW from the Financial Year 1972-73 to Financial Year 2020-21, clubs and hotels combined. I have also highlighted economic...

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Is Data Working For or Against You?

BACKGROUND We are all aware of the growing importance of data, however a recent club survey conducted by Bullseye CX identified that: 80% of clubs do not proactively update their membership database...

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The 6th Major Club Era

THE FUTURES TRIANGLE You may well have heard the famous quote by the American poet Maya Angelou: "If you don't know where you have come from, you don't know where you are going"  When it comes to...

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The Three Levels Of Strategy

Does this sound familiar? You have a Board that get too caught up in operational issues (Business Strategy) as opposed to strategy and governance (Corporate Strategy)? You have a management team...

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Research Eats Strategy For Breakfast

There is a famous quote from the Management Consultant Guru, Peter Drucker, that "Culture eats strategy for breakfast". Meaning that without an effective culture strategy goes nowhere. I recently...

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Competitor Density

Competitor or Venue Density is one of the most important KPIs for market analysis at clubs. In 2021 the average gaming venue density (clubs and hotels combined) in NSW was: - Metropolitan: 2.6...

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Gaming Participation

The popularity of gaming machines is falling, right? So clubs need to diversify their business model, right?Well, the research is consistent across Australia: Over the last 20 years the percentage...

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Strategic Planning vs Strategic Thinking

"Real strategies are rarely made in conference rooms but are more likely to be cooked up informally and often in real-time in hallway conversations, casual working groups or quiet moments of...

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Amalgamation Strategy

In 2019 we carried out an analysis of NSW clubs that are standalone i.e. not part of an amalgamated group. In the graph below we compare a break up of this analysis by region. Standalone clubs form...

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Capital Expenditure Planning

Capital Expenditure Planning is one of the key elements of the Strategic Planning Framework. It is particularly important for clubs as the maintenance and improvement of existing facilities, as well...

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