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LG Advisory is your strategic partner for the big picture. With us on your team, you’ll have theskills, expertise and ongoing partnership of a 20+ year strategy specialist who understands the club industry intimately and who is at your disposal, whenever you need.

Together, we’ll assess, design and execute a strategy that’s right for your club.


Uncover immediate opportunities to improve your strategic planning process, strategic thinking culture and your future-proof strategies with this 100% obligation free health check.

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Boards can get caught up in yesteday.
And today, if you let them…

As the club CEO, you need to think of the future. And run day to day club operations. And manage your Board. And manage your staff. And manage your members.

So it’s no wonder there isn’t enough time for big picture strategy, or you find yourself bogged down in the details. And that those hard-to-do pieces keep getting pushed back.

But when you reach out to traditional consultants:

They just tell you what they’re good at and how they’re going to do it

You get a recycled, one-size fits all strategic plan that doesn’t match your club’s requirements or capabilities

Once your plan’s delivered, you don’t hear from them for another 12 months

Even with a new, approved strategic plan, you and your board feel like you’re pulling in different directions 

    You’re still on your own when it comes to big decisions, strategic planning and guiding your club into a successful future


    A strategic plan tailored to your club and the support to see it through

    With LG Advisory as part of your team, you’ll have a strategic partner to help you think bigger, stay focused and keep on track to deliver on your club legacy.

    You’ll get ongoing support in 3 key areas:

    Market Analysis

    Great decisions require great information. When clubs are out of touch with their customers and local market, club CEOs make uninformed decisions and costly mistakes. 

    We use an “Outside In” approach, tying external market orientation and customer trends to strategy development. So you know you’re making good decisions and your strategies are future proof.

    Business Improvement

    Boost financial performance and outperform competitors.

    We’ll help you uncover new opportunities, fill knowledge gaps in the business and focus on strategic goals beyond the day to day operations of your club.

    Together, we’ll identify short, mid-term and long-term strategies to improve your business and set the club up for success.


    Get a customised strategic plan and finally start making consistent progress towards your big goals. 

    When you work with LG Advisory, not only can you access 15+ years of club strategy experience whenever you need it, you also get a strategic plan that’s tailored to the unique needs of your club. 

    Strategic plans aren’t meant for drawers…


    It’s easier to implement your plans when you have the right resources behind you. The Club Strategy Centre keeps your whole organisation on track with club resources that are easy to access and always top of mind.

    client portal

    Have better things to do than chase up resources for your board? 

    With the client portal, all your key strategy documents and resources in one place for your whole organisation. And your project management tools are just a click away. 


    Get unlimited access to all of our tried and tested templates, tools, databases, frameworks and research. 

     Each of these resources has been developed specifically for clubs over 10 years in the industry. And they’re ready to go when your are.


    Access the knowledge you need to confidently execute your club strategy. 

    The Academy hosts training on key topics that will help you take decisive action and move your club forward. Each training is linked to useful resources in The Library, so you’ll have the tools to implement faster.

    The Club Strategy Centre will be available outside of our Strategic Planning Packages later in 2022

    Join a network of strategic thinkers…


    An invite-only think tank for club CEOs that are ready to make big moves

    The Executive Club is a top tier membership for club CEOs to liaise, share resources and develop high-level strategic thinking. This private group is small by design so places are limited. 



    Director & Club Strategy Officer

    Hi, I’m Lewis

    For nearly 20 years, I worked for large professional service firms providing services that regularly included strategic planning, operational reviews, feasibility studies, financial modeling, market analysis, you name it…

    Around 15 years ago I began consulting for clubs and immediately knew I’d found a truly special industry. In what other industry can you eat, drink, play, meet with friends, support the community and call it a business!

    But, the longer I worked with clubs, the more I found that there’s a certain size of club that is drastically underserved by traditional consulting firms. 

    So I was driven to create LG Advisory, a consulting service that acts more like a partnership with busy club CEOs. My mission? To empower EVERY CLUB to make strategic planning simple, convenient, enjoyable and effective.

    Get expert support on the big decisions for your club.

    And start building your legacy today

    “The ongoing support/partnership/relationship building aspect of Lewis’ service is great…”

    LG Advisory takes a very thorough and holistic approach to strategic planning, from building relationships with all key stakeholders, to pre-planning the sessions and developing a meaningful and easy to deliver tailor made plan. Having experienced many strategic processes the temptation to leave the plan in the top draw is always there.

    Lewis makes sure that this doesn’t happen through his commitment to following up on the actionable time frames agreed and developing a long term partnership with us to ensure success.

    Michael Brennan

    CEO, Woonona Bulli RSL

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